To Soar Beyond The Stars is a magical story illuminating the path to self-discovery. Readers of all ages may journey with the seagull, One Wing, on his spiritual quest for life energy and divine Spirit. Through visualization, positive thinking and acceptance, One Wing overcomes obstacles such as a broken wing and the “Tunnel of Fear.” The author weaves an imaginative tale supported by teachings similar to Robert Collier and Prentice Mulford. In this story, happiness and abundance are attainable by everyone and thoughts are tangible. The reader may travel with One Wing to a higher level of consciousness finding traits of humility, temperance, and surrender.


One Wing
Robert A. Sanford

To Soar Beyond The Stars is the story of a talented, courageous bird based on the author’s real life encounter with a seagull. The themes in this tale cover the journey involved with becoming steady in one’s spirituality as well as the impact of positive thinking in the fulfillment of destiny.
Gabriel Alexander III is a healthy, happy, well-adjusted seagull raised by two parents and living in a community of gulls with social traditions, a strict moral code, and superstitious beliefs about a Dark Force that makes birds evil. Gabriel is close to both of his parents and strives to be a master diver like his dad. During his first attempt at a high angle dive, Gabriel loses consciousness and in a vision meets the spirit, Hue. This is the beginning of Gabriel’s journey to a deeper understanding of spirit and his own faith.

While in the Seagull Flying Academy, Gabriel flies a mile into the sky and is given the nick name One Wing because that was the only part of him visible from the ground. Not long after he finishes the academy, One Wing suffers two tragedies: the death of his father in a flying accident and damage to one of his wings. When the wing heals it is deformed and One Wing must learn to fly again. It is his struggle to regain flight and then to re-affirm his faith that is covered in the remainder of the book. The author’s skillful use of personification keeps the spiritual context of the story light while delivering a powerful message that mirrors that of books such as Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret. Sanford’s story deepens the message behind the law of attraction by showing One Wing at his weakest moments attempting to balance his frustrations and the faith he develops over time.

One Wing is put through many tests and is provided training by other beings, both animal and human. His new skills and solid footing in his faith allow him to seek a life filled with love and the sharing of his testimony.

On the surface,To Soar Beyond The Stars appears to be a story written for the young adult market with its talking animals and frequent break into song. However, the message of this piece is appropriate for all ages: Faith is a gift that results from balancing the trials of life and the inner knowledge gained through spiritual practice.

Melissa Levine
For Independent Professional Book Reviewers